FTX Bankruptcy Estate Holds $150 Million in SOL and ETH Amidst Ongoing Sam Bankman-Fried Trial

As per the latest news, the bankrupt and infamous FTX apparently has a $150 million worth of assets tied up in Solana and Ethereum staking!

On October 15, Binance Square made public a statement shedding light on FTX’s substantial Solana holdings. Here’s what was revealed.

Understanding SOL Staking

On October 13, Whale Alert reported a transfer of 5.5 million SOL. This spurred on-chain researcher Ashpool to connect the dots, concluding that a significant portion of SOL is in the hands of FTX. Ashpool also revealed that these funds were intended for staking with the validator Figment.

Earnings from SOL staking can vary. Some sources report historical annual percentage yields (APY) of around 5.5%. However, depending on the staking platform used, others argue that SOL staking can yield as much as 14.47% APY. Prizes for staking on the Solana network are distributed approximately every two to three days, although the frequency can fluctuate based on network conditions and other factors.

Gradual Release of SOL

It’s essential to note that not all of FTX’s roughly $1.16 billion in SOL assets are immediately available. FTX plans to release SOL in 12 million increments every 30 days until 2027. From 2027 to 2028, a total of 34.52 million SOL will be gradually released each month. These periodic releases offer FTX the flexibility to either sell or stake the SOL. However, FTX may choose to sell the complete vested cache’s keys before the official release.

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FTX’s Asset Portfolio

In a filing on September 11, FTX disclosed its four largest assets, which include Ether coins valued at $192 million. The company also noted its substantial holdings in Solana, worth $1.16 billion, Bitcoins valued at $560 million, and Aptos (APT) tokens, worth $137 million. FTX’s portfolio also includes cash, government-recovered assets, and brokerage holdings.

Bankrupt Millionaires

CoinDesk has recently highlighted FTX’s financial prospects. Despite being declared bankrupt, FTX is set to earn a minimum of $9 million annually, thanks to its $150 million worth of Solana and Ethereum staking.

Most people have commented positively, highlighting the efficiency and importance of the correct crypto strategy.

Wow, bankrupt and making millions? Just goes to show, you can never underestimate the power of crypto staking.

— Jacob Chase (@luonhpixan) October 16, 2023

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