TODAY’S WORD — STABILITY (STABILITY: stuh-BIL-ih-tee: The strength to stand or endure; firmness.)

Average mark 30 words

Time limit 40 minutes

Can you find 41 or more words in STABILITY? The list will be published Monday.

YESTERDAY’S WORD — COMPELLED cede cell cello clod clomp clop code coed cold cole come compel cope meld mode model mold mole moped peel pled plod poem pole poll pollee pome elope epode lode lope deem deep dele dell demo dole doll dome dope

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1. Words must be of four or more letters.

2. Words that acquire four letters by the addition of “s,” such as “bats” or “dies,” are not allowed.

3. Additional words made by adding a “d” or an “s” may not be used. For example, if “bake” is used, “baked” or “bakes” are not allowed, but “bake” and “baking” are admissible.

4. Proper nouns, slang words, or vulgar or sexually explicit words are not allowed.

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